Stem cells lead beauty tide to create skin miracles

                        Stem cells lead beauty tide to create skin miracles
What is a stem cell?
Stem cells are the most primitive cells, with the potential function of tissue regeneration and self-repair. 
Like mothers, they can produce many secondary cells such as collagen. Through a new generation of biological 
extraction technology, it activates skin's self-renewal and cleavage potential, complements cell loss caused 
by aging or external damage, thereby maintaining the integrity of skin tissue structure and thoroughly improving
skin problems from the root causes. Stem cell technology has been increasingly used in high-end beauty.

Relationship between stem cells and collagen:
Collagen is the main component of the skin's muscle base. It forms a fine elastic mesh that locks in moisture 
and supports the skin like a stent to make the skin moist and smooth. Stem cells are the main force to promote 
the formation of protein in the skin of the underlying skin. The skin care products using stem cell technology 
can deepen the connection between the cells and repair the activity of the muscle cells, so stem cells are often 
used in antioxidant and anti-aging. In skin care products.

anti aging:
The root of skin aging is the aging and reduction of cells, and the aging and reduction of cells is caused by 
the aging of stem cells. Stem cells cannot proliferate and differentiate after aging, so cells can't get normal 
renewal, just like the extinction of rare animals, eventually leading to human aging.

Activate epidermal stem cells: Using stem cell technology to stimulate the accelerated division and differentiation
of stem cells in the human body, the self-repair function of the skin that begins to age can be restored, 
the cells fill the skin gap, the skin keratin is thickened, and the structural and physiological functions of 
healthy filling are restored.

Promotes collagen production:
Collagen can make skin become supple, white and smooth. It is widely known in the beauty industry. Collagen loss 
causes skin aging. At this time, stem cell technology is needed to activate the production of collagen, which 
accelerates metabolism and delays skin aging.
Stem cells can produce more secondary cells as mother cells, and the muscle cells are filled. The adjacent cells 
can be combined and adhered to each other. The permeability is strong, so that the fine wrinkles are stretched and 
the skin is filled and firm.