Accelerated aging after childbirth? Endometrial stem cells, beauty and anti-aging, regain youth!

     Accelerated aging after childbirth? Endometrial stem cells, beauty and anti-aging, regain youth!

▲ female body, postpartum accelerated aging According to the Russian "Svopi" news network, American scientists pointed out that the 
aging rate of female body cells will be significantly accelerated after childbirth. Scientists conducted all necessary tests and 
analyses on the health of 1,500 women aged 20-44. The results show that women generally experience rapid aging of the body cells 
after production.

▲ Scientist: Stem cells repair endometrial damage
As early as the 1970s, scientists discovered that endometrial cells derived from bone marrow donors were detected in the endometrium 
of female patients after bone marrow transplantation, suggesting that bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells can promote the regeneration
 of endometrial tissue, after which scientists It has been confirmed that bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells have the ability to 
differentiate into endometrial stromal cells, endometrial epithelial cells, and endometrial vascular endothelial cells.
In 2014, the domestic news media reported that 9 patients with severe endometrial injury received autologous bone marrow stem 
cell repair endometrial surgery for the first time. Five patients received pregnancy after surgery, and three patients had 
successfully delivered the baby. Stem cell transplantation to repair the endometrium is an important achievement in the field 
of regenerative medicine in the world.

▲ better choice - endometrial stem cells
Modern science has found that women have a unique stem cell in their menstrual blood. The amount and activity are more than 30 
times that of autologous bone marrow stem cells - endometrial stem cells.
Endometrial stem cells are stem cells with high proliferative capacity found in the menstrual blood of women. It has 
multi-directional differentiation potential, such as osteogenic differentiation, dental differentiation, differentiation 
into cardiovascular cells and hepatocytes. The success rate of stem cells collected from menstrual blood is 100 times higher 
than that of bone marrow stem cells.

▲ women's stem cells for the benefit of women
Endometrial stem cells are able to nutritionally repair the female body and fight against post-natal aging, which has magical 
effects.Science has confirmed that endometrial stem cells can improve premature ovarian failure and deeply nourish the ovaries, 
allowing them to quickly restore function.It repairs the uterus and has made new breakthroughs in the treatment of endometriosis, 
intrauterine adhesions, endometrial cancer, and uterine prolapse.At the same time, it can secrete many cytokines to 
synergistically repair various organs and tissues of women, comprehensively enhance system functions, and restore charm and 
attractiveness.Endometrial stem cells have the advantages of strong regeneration, repair ability, strong proliferation ability, 
simple collection, etc.Strong ability to regenerate and repair. Endometrial stem cells have higher differentiation ability than 
mesenchymal stem cells, and the dryness is even higher than that of Nobel Prize-winning IPS pluripotent stem cells;Strong 
proliferation ability in vitro. Replicate once every 24~36 hours, can proliferate 390 times, pass up to 50 times, and cord blood 
stem cells can only be passaged up to 12 times at most;The acquisition method is simple. It is a woman's unique health care.

▲Save beautiful, youthful forever

The storage of autologous endometrial stem cells may achieve the dream of "preserving beauty" and "lasting youth", and have a 
high-quality life. Store a part of endometrial stem cells during the growth period of women, and if there are tumors and other
diseases in the future Serious injuries, etc., can immediately cure the disease, save lives, and restore health.
Women's production is a switch, and almost all states after birth are difficult to return to production. Endometrial stem cells, 
a woman's youthful fire, preserve beauty for women and reshape healthy and young. Beijing Huanshenghui Biotechnology Research 
Institute, to protect your health, customize young; with you along the way!