【Important Announcement】 The company is officially renamed as "Zen-Zen Biotechnology Co., Ltd."

Happy New Year, and may good fortune be with you!

In order to align with the future plans and development of the company, we have officially changed our company name from "Yu-Shen Orbita Biotechnology Co., Ltd." to "RenRen Applied Cell Biotechnology Co., Ltd." The name change has been approved and documented in the letter with reference number 11145497610 issued by the Taipei City Government on January 21, 2022. This change only involves the company name, and all other aspects such as the company's identity, address, phone number, fax, tax ID, bank account, and team services remain unchanged.

Following the name change, we will continue to optimize various products, actively research and develop new items, and collaborate with hospitals for clinical trials to provide customers with more comprehensive and high-quality products and services.