【Announcement】The company officially changed its name to "Zenzen Biotechnology Co., Ltd."

【Important Announcement】The company officially changed its name to "Renren Applied Cell Biotechnology Co., Ltd."

Happy New Year !

    In order to respond to the company's future development, 
we have changed the company name from "Yushen Orbit Biotechnology Co., Ltd." to "Zenzen Biotechnology Co., Ltd.", 
and apporve by the Taipei City Hall in January, 21st, 2022
This change is only for the company's name, and the company's subjectivity,
 address, telephone, fax, unified number, bank account number and team service remain unchanged.

    After the renamimg, we will continue to optimize the company's various types of products, 
actively develop new products, and cooperate with hospitals to conduct clinical trials to provide customers with  high-quality products and services.