• ? What is immunotherapy?
    For malignant tumors, immune cell therapy is the most advanced medical technology beyond traditional surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Traditional surgical treatment, often because of the tumor growth site is not suitable for surgical resection (such as blood cancer and brain cancer) or existing inspection techniques can not detect the presence of cancer cells, and can not be operated.

    The limitations of radiotherapy are similar to those of surgical treatment, and the subject is also limited to patients who are localized and can determine where the tumor is present. As for chemotherapy, although it can improve the limitations of surgical treatment and radiotherapy, but the lack of specificity of chemotherapy drugs, will also attack normal cells while removing cancer cells, not only will reduce the patient's immunity, but also have side effects of extremely uncomfortable body, long-term The use of chemotherapeutic drugs is more likely to cause cancer cells to develop drug resistance, affecting the therapeutic effect after relapse.

    Immune cell therapy is treated with the patient's own immune cells and is considered to be a method that is more likely to complement the gaps in traditional surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy today.
  • ? Immune cell storage timing

    In addition to congenital genetics and acquired environmental influences, age is the most important factor affecting immunity. The body's immune system peaks at the age of 20, and as the age grows, the inevitable aging also causes the immunity to gradually decrease; At the age of 40, immunity is only 1/2 of the peak period, and even 1/10 at 70 years old. By the age of 80 to 90, the
    immune function is almost completely lost. So the storage of immune cells, of course, the sooner the better.
  • ? Why store immune cells?
    With the increase of age, the immune system is declining, and it is easy to cause various diseases. The pressure of modern people is too high. The diet is not normal, resulting in weak immune system and easy to cause diseases. In order to resist disease, the current healthy and healthy cells are frozen and stored. When you need it, you can return to the body to fight the disease and increase your resistance.
  • ? Why store cells now? Can't wait until the time of illness to pump blood for cultivation?
    The immunity of the human immune system (mainly the type of T cells) peaks at 18-20 years old, and by the age of 40, it is only half of 20 years old, to 70 years old, and only 1/10 of 20 years old. When the body is healthy, the immune cells are proliferating. The activation and activity are better than the cells when they are sick, and what they need when they are sick is healthy and capable cells to help fight the disease. Therefore, you are healthy now. A good time for cells.
    Before storing cells free, it is recommended to do individual tests. After all, the health is not judged by appearance.
  • ? Can children or the elderly also store immune cells?
    Children generally recommend cell storage after the age of 18. The body's overall development has not yet developed before the age of 18. It is recommended to wait until the development is complete before storing.
    Old people can also store immune cells, because today is always younger than tomorrow, younger cells will be healthier than aging cells.